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Our promise of quality

Achterfontein Estate Rooibos Tea is grown, harvested, fermented and dried exclusively on our farm. We focus on producing superior grade single origin rooibos tea and no tea is sourced from elsewhere. This ensures that we know exactly what goes into each pack. Our unique terroir coupled with years of experience shared between father and son, are the primary building blocks of our handcrafted rooibos tea.

Our location high in the Cedarberg mountains is the key to our quality Rooibos tea. The yield per hectare is lower than in other tea growing areas. This is due to our climate and soils, resulting in balanced growth and proper ripening of our tea before harvesting. This is very important considering that excessive vegetative growth in tea generally leads to the production of a sub standard product.

Our focus on the production of  premium quality rooibos tea has led to Achterfontein having won numerous awards from Rooibos Ltd. in the past including:

  • H.C. Ginsberg Trophy for the best Rooibos tea sample of the year

  • Clanwilliam Tee Koöperasie Trophy for the second best Rooibos tea sample of the year

  • Citrusdal Koöperatiewe Droog Bane Beperk Trophy for the third best Rooibos tea sample of the year

All our tea is aged for a minimum of one year before packaging. This is done to ensure a well rounded cup of tea rich in flavour. With our emphasis always on quality rather than quantity, we promise you an unrivalled taste experience with each pack of Achterfontein Estate Rooibos Tea.